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I was born in Lima, Peru in 1995.


I received both my BA and MA in Fine Arts at the IAGN FHNW in Basel (CH), with the support of an educational scholarship I won in 2019.


My work has been part of solo and group exhibitions, most recently at Farmstudio Vysoká (CZ), Entorno sin escala (PE) and Kunsthaus Baselland (CH). My videos have participated in initiatives such as the international digital platform Corona Kino and I have presented publications at the I NEVER READ art book fair in Basel. I have screened my videos in the Cultural Fair ANTIFIL in Lima and in the Al Este Festival de Lima competition in which I won a Special Mention. Currently I founded and manage a space for the production, exhibition and diffusion of the arts in Lima, Peru: Ekumen.


In my practice, I research the relationship between space and architecture and their affective and ideological links. As an speculative exercise I create objects and forms that think the post-natural. I am interested in imagining fictitious and alternative places and constructions that invite us to think about the thin line between the organic, the artificial and our relationship with the other. With special emphasis on the urban, I seek to banish the human gaze - and its hierarchies - from the environment to start thinking about new configurations between forms, objects and materialities. All this as part of a process that is accompanied by writing, drawing, and filming habits and that can materialize in different ways in sculpture and installation.


Instagram: josefinaleona_

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