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Consequences of the differences (2016)

This Project revolves around the relationship between same sex education and the male chauvinist positions of the students in a private high class school in Lima, with the goal of reflecting on how this division could be contributing to strengthen the gender stereotypes in the students. “The consequences of differences” is an answer to the attempts of certain powerful groups to eliminate the gender approach of the new national school curriculum.


To achieve this, I developed an investigation in the school where I studied, both elementary and high school, through different research techniques. I started by carrying out direct and indirect interviews to students of this school, I then shared a virtual open survey. Finally, with the objective of obtaining testimonies from girls that studied under this system, I summoned two students to support me throughout the whole duration of the project (4 months).


The result is a video in which images of the different spaces that make up the school are shown accompanied by an audio that contains the testimonies of ten girls expressing their points of view and the repercussions they perceive education differentiated by sex has.

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Consequences of the differences. Video. 1m27s. 2016.

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