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Textures, shapes and materialities that border the Panamericana Sur from KM 250 to the sea of Chorrillos

Ink over paper - 7cm x 100cm . 2022

Photobook which contain 10 meters of photograms that at the same time work as a flipbook:

If you turn the pages fast, the images become an animation of what you can see from the car window as you travel down the road.

As part of my thesis project I decided to publish part of the research I did on the textures, shapes and materialities that today line the Panamericana Sur from km 250 to the sea at Chorrillos. I filmed this entire route and then I looked closely at the material, highlighting certain particularities that normally are difficult to perceive because of the speed of the car. As a result, 100 frames came out -one next to the other- that if you unfold you can see the horizon line. When you pick it up it becomes a small format that fits in a pocket.


If you would like to have a copy, please go to Librería Inestable

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