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Identity (2017)

With the objective of finding a relationship or a constant between the different states of my personality, I looked to register and quantify them in an attempt to locate them in a quadrant with two axes: positive-negative and conscious-unconscious.


I worked with a notebook in which, whenever I felt one of my states was being manifested, I looked for the way to register it (drawing, graph, collage…). Then I analysed each of these moments and located it under a certain subjective criteria in the quadrant. By doing this I could observe if these changes were related: it was, for example, more common to have a negative state after a positive one and there were more negative unconscious states that negative conscious ones.


I was able to graph the different states in a visual way, in which a rational and mathematical aspect was constantly manifested. This is why, I decided to get away from these parameters and translate the graphs into sculpture objects in a more organic and instinctive way. 


The result was a central copper structure –as a representation of my own centre- which I kept intervening with wires during the duration of the semester, 4 months. Stripped of control of the states that the notebook demanded, the structure started owning the space. That’s how this project shows the impossibility of translating and/or quantifying states of subjectivity in a mathematical language.


Identity. Copper and wire.  600 x 400 x 500 cm, 2017.

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