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Fragmented Image (2017)

Different perspectives, representations and components of the space that surrounds us. A structure that captures and deconstructs the form, proposing a new version of space and therefore a new look that allows us to observe the whole in independent parts. Suspended in a space that suggests the void and the unstable. Without being supported by anything solid. Transparent but through a retile that by itself reformats vision.


The school of art as an execution of artwork area where the elements used to create and generate reflection meet. On the other side, the construction of buildings and of the city that represents us as a society, the copy of these captured in the mirrors and contrasted with the sky’s reflection. Pointing, especially, to the different architectures that support us and that hold the load of history. The first floors of the school referring to a certain classic and local modernity, the rest to a global contemporaneity.


Fragmented image. Mirrors, Bricks, School elements. 300 x 400 cms. 2017.


Art School Architecture

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