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Garden Fiction

Concrete, wire mesh and neon light.
Variable dimensions


Garden Fiction is the continuation of the installation “Concrete Lands”, where the theme of the root and its relationship with the landscape and public space was explored. Now, rather, it is the trunk and the reflection on the urban tree in a city like Lima, a desert that lacks urban planning: here the tree is more a decorative element than part of an urban ecology.


 Several images are proposed from this installation, which plays with dystopian fiction but also with the idea of a resistant nature. The tree and the cement bark refer both to urban furniture and to a garden of the future - concrete and artificial - as well as to a cemetery of dead nature.


 In the end the reminder is that of a nature that endures the onslaught of extraction and urban speculation and that -in a fragmentary way- invites us to think about the future of our cities.

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