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After Green Area installation was taken down, the project continued in different forms.

Shutter is the compilation of the different moments that followed.

In the first moment I raised a series of questions in The Tent about education and artistic institutionality. Using the rest of the mesh, I generated, a space for dialogue in the central courtyard of the school, where I welcomed the different people that integrate it: students, teachers and workers. During the conversation we exchanged perspectives, questions and positions which finally make up the collective imaginary that exists in the school.

This allowed me to relate myself with the community, think about how it is conformed by the different roles that exist in the field of art and to define my position as an artist. As well as, make use of the different tools that the project offered me: collaborative action, performance, institutional critique, etc.


I was also interested in questioning the limits and the shape of the artwork, given that its recognition and value lies in the exchange, the reflection and the direct impact on those who live the experience, more than in the object as something concrete.


The Tent (La Carpa). Raschel Mesh. 200cm x200cm. 2018


Inside view from The Tent. 2018

‘’A space for human relationships that suggests the possibility of an exchange different to those valid in the system. Not considering artwork as a space to travel but as a duration to experiment, as a possible opening into an unlimited exchange.

- Nicolas Bourriaud


Installation. Raschel Mesh. 400cm x 300cm. 2018.

The third moment consisted of translating the tent experience, less concrete in artistic terms because of its ephemeral and dialogic condition, to a more legible support in a contemporary art language. Conscious of the requirements and expectations that the artistic institution –educative in this case- has of its operators, I questioned if this way of translating and representing the exchange experience visually is enough to contain the investigated. The result is a symbolic structure, nearly abstract, that one goes through with certain difficulty. A visually attractive artefact that raises questions of diverse nature: of its condition as a contemporary piece, of the decisions taken during the journey, etc.

IMG_1984 2.jpg

Sun Clock. Photo and video. 21 x 29.7 cm. 1m. 2018

The production process in a school is determined by presentation dates, a way to place the artistic time inside a production time. The fourth moment (Sun Clock) comes as part of my reflection about artistic education, its times and limits, I present a clock that the school’s own architecture and sunlight offer. The passing of light works as a constant reminder of the passing of time in the unconscious of those of us who study, work and develop in this space.

The time of art, as a time of production? of consumption? Or of freedom?


Drawing. Ground of color over kraft. 235cm x 240cm. 2018


Drawing. Ground of color over kraft. 150cm x 250cm. 2018.

IMG_1960 2.JPG

Drawing. Ground of color over kraft. 300cm x 250cm. 2018.

For the fifth moment, that actually was parallel to the previous investigation, I experimented with Drawing. As a way to show in a more plastic, abstract and visual format all the ideas and emotions that the investigation was triggering in me. What is shown are some broad format drawings that capture the gesture and the expression of the emotion that accompanies this journey of questions. Starting from a confrontation with the paper, arises a view, a representation from the personal.

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