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Parallel Hills

Cobblestones from 18th century

660 x 120 x 900 cm



Cobblestones from the 18th century, which have been deposited there. Over time, these stones have become an integral part of the natural topography, blending seamlessly with the surrounding organisms. Coated in vibrant greens and teeming with life, they tell a story of disintegration and mimicry. Though no longer suitable for construction, these pavers find new uses in the landscape. Parallel Hills invites us to contemplate the relationship between man-made structures and nature, and the enduring legacy of materials from the past to our contemporary future.


Parallel Hils reminded me of the walls that divide land in the hills and as a result of the project I developed a series of digital photographs.

‘’Something in between the mountains back in the landscape - or roofs from the barn on the side. But then I remembered on the walls that divide lands on the hills. This new shape reminded me to that, to those that I have been recollecting to understand, not just its structure and way to work and stand over the dust. But more on to this way of dividing the land that ends up appearing part of the mountain itself.’'

Selection of photos:

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