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Recipes for displacement toward an architecture of no language

HD video, color, sound 10’. Ink over paper 30 x 21x29,7 cm. Art Book.


In an attempt to ground and understand a completely new landscape, the character draws, films, and writes about the spaces and structures that catch her attention. She reflects on that moment when a utopia of the order can become dystopia: when the ugly, the grotesque, what is out of place, becomes invisible.

She seeks to translate this walk through the city while she observes, constructs, and narrates this new scenario. And she does so through her own impressions, everyday conversations, data she gathers from local people, and researches about it.


It all seems very bizarre but it starts to become familiar, language is a limitation and the impossibility of understanding the new environment allows her to escape from reality and start playing with fiction.


She creates a relationship between the migrant’s experience, emotions, and perception of this new city. There is paranoia, nostalgia and the intimate gaze becomes collective.


What is reality and what is fiction, what could become reality?


Installation View. 2020

Film stills. Video. 10 min.

Recipes for displacement toward an architecture of no language. 80 pages. Edition of 102020

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