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The Green Reset

Raschel Mesh, cable ties, staples, tape. Variable dimensions. 2021

In a near future, the construction industry overflowed, turning the world into a bizarre scenario. It never stopped building, growing, and compulsively expanding without social, environmental, or economic awareness. Although cities continued to transform as they have always done throughout history, this time tends towards a particular aesthetic: a landscape outlined by mounds of the mesh used to cover the construction sites.

The Green Reset is a speculative exercise about a city with green and rugged interiors where both architecture and landscape shape a new artificial ecology. What would that city be like - between utopia and dystopia - that has to adapt to these new designs of waste. As if it were a sort of second nature, the green mesh starts to cover both indoor and outdoor spaces, both public and private locations. In the end, without realizing it, the city has become that green and fluent interior of a construction site.

Green Reset
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