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Green Area consisted in covering the only source of light in the School of Arts Corriente Alterna in Lima using Raschel mesh, an element that symbolized construction in the city and that is used to cover up construction works. The main objective was to change the atmosphere of the space and the relationship between people and the place, generating an emotional landscape that invites people to think about that bond between ideology, construction and subjectivity. This as an answer to certain political and academic changes that were made in the school in an untimely and arbitrary way.

Claustrophobia and feeling of confinement as a cut in the perspective, a subtraction of architecture from its environment and its own ecology.

Green Area. Sketch. Mesh on photo. 21cm x 29.7cm. 2018.


Green Area. Raschel mesh. Performance. 5 hours. 2018.

Green Area. Raschel mesh. Performance. 5 hours. 2018.

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