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Asymmetric Psychogeography

3-channel-video, color, sound, 18'. 18 concrete blocks. 2022

Psicogeografia Asimétrica -born from the cartographic experience of the city where I was born and raised- it is materialized in an installation where a 3-channel video dialogues with a sculpture series and together form an emotional landscape. Lima, is that place that I recognize but that also appears to me as something unknown.

An abyss. A city made of fragments that is difficult to think about and that I show as that blurred horizon of the sea and the desert. In its constructions we can see the unfulfilled promise, the failed national project, the ruin as a testimony of time passing by and a future that never arrives. The short-circuit of a city so difficult to think about is like the mirage of the horizon in the desert: are they houses? people? buildings? animals? This impossibility of representation is the impossibility of a city of sand that does not allow itself to be looked at but that invites me to imagine its possibilities and its future that is about to come.

Please go to Reflexive Work to read more about the process.

3 channel-video stills

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